Fragrances- The Diva’s Accessory

Designer women's Fragrances

Fragrances- The Diva’s Accessory

Scents are so much a part of women’s fashion consciousness that the fragrance business has powerful economic repercussions in today’s world, where fashion and fragrance are coming closer together. Designer women’s Fragrances are as essential as other accessories in your wardrobe.

In other words, fragrances are no longer special or occasionally used items. Instead, they have become integral parts of fashion. Looking good and smelling good are intricately linked up.

The word ”fragrance” has come to mean a combination of natural and synthetic odors usually blended in an alcohol solution; the more perfume oil, the stronger the fragrance and the longer it will last. There are now many thousands of different essences that make up the bases of perfumes, and several prime ”families” of fragrance types.


Commonly there are four main groups of fragrances:


Citrus: citrus is the earliest colognes and gives a fresh and revitalizing feel. These fragrances have a composition based on orange, lemon, grapefruit, or mandarin.


Fougere:  Fougere consists of the citrus top note, an aromatic heart of lavender, and a rose note (often replaced with the minty-fresh rosiness of geranium), dark, inky oakmoss, and coumarin, a warm, hay-like material found within tonic beans.

Oriental: Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet, and even a little spicy. A more luxurious fragrance family, oriental fragrances vary from floral oriental, soft oriental, and woody oriental


Chypre: A Chypre fragrance contains woody, mossy, and floral notes, developed in the 18th century.


Women’s designer fragrances have floral tones, including roses, jasmine, lilies, and peonies, which give a flowery scent.


There are three main notes of fragrance based on the long-lasting effect.

Top notes: it’s the first scent impression after applying on the skin. It gives lighter and more volatile aromas and usually lasts about 5 to 30 minutes.

Middle notes: it is also known as heart n0otes and is the blend’s body. This note takes about 10 to 30 min to fully develop on the skin. Middle note classifies the fragrance family(floral, chypre, oriental, etc.).

Base note: This note gives the holding power to the fragrance because of the greatest molecular weight. Typical base notes include oakmoss, patchouli, woods, musk, and vanilla.

Choosing good designer fragrances for ladies is as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans or your ideal foundation. Our memories are so laced with scent, and one whiff can evoke meaningful moments from our past.


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